Fenwick Kirk was built, having been disjoined from the Laigh Parish, in Kilmarnock, in 1642. The Church was built in 1643 in the form of a Greek Cross, with the Pulpit in the west arm surmounted by a Sounding Board and beside which stands the Sand Glass; still turned by the Beadle today at the beginning of the Sermon. This is not, as some suppose, to make the Minister stop after a certain length of time (approx 40 minutes), but was in the past to ensure that the people received an ample amount of the Word of God each Sunday. At least now if the sermon time is exceeded then the congregation will be warm. The system was installed in 2019 and great care was take to ensure the aesthetics of the church were not comprimised by the radiators hence a colour that matched the woodwork perfectly was choosen. the result a beautifully colour harmonised and warm church