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Published on February 1, 2022

The Benefits of Carbon-Neutral Heating for Churches

By visibull

It can be daunting to consider updating your church’s heating system – but there are many impressive benefits associated with installing carbon neutral heating beyond the obvious environmental advantages. As government initiatives and other external factors make older heating systems unviable, now is the perfect time to make the switch to carbon-neutral heating.

Rising energy costs, unpredictable weather and government grants are all key motivators behind many churches making the switch to carbon-neutral heating.

In this blog, we’re sharing the four key benefits of carbon-neutral heating installations for churches. But first, here’s a quick overview of what carbon-neutral heating is, and what types of options are available.

What is carbon-neutral heating?

Carbon dioxide emissions are one of the main causes of climate change. One of the principal sources of CO2 release is the burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Alongside other initiatives including protecting ‘carbon sinks’ such as rainforests and algae-rich ocean microclimates, governments globally are working towards dramatically decreasing dependence on fossil fuels.

Carbon neutral heating solutions aim to support organisations to heat their establishments more efficiently minus fossil fuels without compromising on performance (conversely in many cases, innovative sustainable alternatives are more efficient).

Carbon neutrality can be achieved through a number of ways – true carbon neutrality involves zero consumption of carbon products, but some organisations choose to take evasive action whilst also ‘offsetting’ remaining emissions with alternative green initiatives. Even minimising your carbon footprint through the installation of a green heating system is a step in the right direction and can provide many associated benefits such as efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

There is a variety of carbon neutral heating solutions available, but ChurchEcoMiser is the only system of its kind that is specifically designed and dedicated for churches.

What sustainable solutions are available?

Historically churches may have felt that sustainable solutions weren’t suitable or viable for them, but now there are plenty of options available. Although gas and coal-based fuel systems have been updated in recent years to be more efficient and less polluting, the expense of fitting new gas boilers or revamping existing installations coupled with the steeply rising cost of gas and the need for constant maintenance could cause a multitude of problems in the near future.

Conversely truly eco-friendly systems such as those powered by clean electricity offer long-term peace of mind and future-proofing for modern and historic church buildings.
For example, ChurchEcoMiser heating installations are designed to look and operate like a traditional radiator system (albeit more efficiently), with low installation and maintenance costs. Electric heating is efficient and completely carbon neutral if your provider is a green supplier or your system is powered by on-site solar panels.

Benefits of carbon-neutral heating

Great for the environment

The most well-known and popular motivation for installing carbon neutral heating is the ongoing protection of the planet and achieving carbon neutral status, or at the very least a reduced carbon footprint.

As the threat of global warming looms large, collective action needs to be taken in order to preserve the planet for generations to come. Switching from fossil-based fuels such as gas, propane and coal to cleaner, greener energy solutions like air source heat pumps and electricity is one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to do this.

As community hubs, churches are often interested in preserving the environment immediately around them and for the planet as a whole, setting a positive example for local children and young people. Demonstrating that action is being taken both to preserve the environment and precious funds often goes a long way with congregations and ties in with the ethics and altruistic values the church is known for.

A cost-effective, financially secure long-term solution

Church funds are often stretched thin – and the rising cost of gas and coal-based fuel is increasing rapidly. Many churches are naturally worried about having to find funds to cover the rising cost of fossil fuel energy bills each year. Carbon neutral heating eliminates this anxiety and provides long-term peace of mind, ensuring that churches are largely protected from the worry of rising energy costs.

On top of this no need for maintenance = lower cost, as with no boiler, no annual boiler service or safety checks are needed.

A historically-sensitive aesthetic

When considering energy-efficient, sustainable options to heat your church there’s a secondary yet important concern to take into account – the cosmetic appearance of a new heating system. Historic buildings often require more innovative heating solutions compared to most – but these also need to look in-keeping or blend into the background of the existing fabric of the building.

Many sustainable options look and feel modern as they’ve been designed with contemporary businesses and homes in mind, but this aesthetic and functionality isn’t always suitable for the historic architecture ad composition of churches. Now many more options are available which can be seamlessly integrated into various church interiors in an inconspicuous and sensitive manner.

ChurchEcoMiser electric radiators are unobtrusive and can be colour coded to match their surroundings where required. They also provide enhanced comfort for church visitors – compared with other electric options the system warms the fabric of the church rather than the air within alone, providing a better quality of heat.

Bespoke options

Many carbon neutral heating solutions lend themselves perfectly to being tailored to specific or unusual requirements, such as those often presented by church environments. Intelligent heating systems allow for versatile operation – crucial for churches with several ‘zones’ where only certain areas are occupied at any time.

Bottom line

There are many benefits associated with sourcing carbon neutral heating for churches – from a more efficient system that provides a warmer welcome for visitors to lower overall costs and reduced maintenance.

Many religious institutions are now encouraging their establishments to make the switch to carbon-neutral heating solutions, including The Church of England, whose Practical Path to Net Zero Carbon was released in April 2020 which includes recommendations for electrical heating installations, especially for busier churches.

Want to learn more about how the ChurchEcoMiser heating system can save you money and provide cleaner, greener solutions to traditional gas and coal installations? Get in touch today or find out more about church heating.