The Church EcoMiser System

Providing electric church heating solutions that result in greener and cleaner energy for churches in a way that protects the fabric of the church.

Using the ChurchEcoMiser System

The system is controlled by the ChurchEcoMiser CEM 1 control unit. These intelligent controls ensure optimum comfort levels and help maximise fuel efficiency. This unit is capable of 3 different on and off time settings for every day of the week. The control unit constantly monitors the internal temperature and allows a background temperature to be cost-effectively maintained.

Once the room temperature is reached, the room sensor then automatically switches to ‘top-up’ mode. Only when required will this provide ‘top-up’ heat for the energy cells, thus allowing additional heat to be provided to the room.

Code entry on the controls prevents unauthorised changes to the times and temperature settings. To accommodate unscheduled services or meetings, the controls have an override facility that allows the heating to be switched on for a limited amount of time.

Why Choose ChurchEcoMiser?

We truly believe the ChurchEcoMiser® is the best church heating product available. With fantastic savings to be made on energy and the world becoming more conscious of the environment we live in, there has never been a better time to think about a greener solution to church heating.

  • 100% fuel-efficient
  • Carbon Neutral if energy is sourced through a ‘green’ supplier
  • Up to 50% saving in installation costs against traditional radiator systems
  • No boiler
  • No risk of fumes
  • No unsightly flues
  • No need to penetrate exterior brickwork
  • Little or no ongoing maintenance costs
  • No fuel storage issues
  • Does not require frost protection
  • No unsightly pipework to disguise
  • No risk of water leaks
  • German, precision built radiators
  • Good quality heat levels
  • Warms the fabric of the church as well as the congregation
  • Helps protect the fabric of the church
  • No hot heads and cold feet
  • No obtrusive or glaring lights
  • Silent in operation
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with solar panels

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