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Our specialist EcoMiser church heating system includes innovative church radiators that are heated by a specialist, internal energy cells, each with its own embedded heating element

Radiators for Churches

The main difference between a typical, traditional wet heating system and the ChurchEcoMiser is that with a traditional system, a boiler is required to heat water, this water is then pumped around the system to heat the radiators. With the ChurchEcoMiser system, the surface ribs on the radiator are heated by a system of specialist, internal energy cells, each with its own embedded heating elements.

When the radiator is first switched on, the internal cells store as much heat as possible; this takes approx. 10 – 20 mins depending on the size of the radiator. After that, the surplus heat is radiated out from the core and the radiator starts to feel warmer because of the large surface area of the ribs, heat is dispersed over a wide-angle.

Made in Germany, these radiators are manufactured to the highest standards; manufactured from steel, with a unique Chamotte fire-clay core with embedded heating elements. Radiators are built to order and are available in many sizes ranging from 200mm – 1200mm high and in lengths up to 1,550mm.

The standard colour is warm white, but they can be colour coded to your choice of RAL colour, allowing them to blend harmoniously with their surroundings.

Genuine ChurchEcoMiser® radiators are only available through this company.

Electric Church Radiator

The heat output from the radiators is approximately 90% radiant heat and approximately 10% convected heat and are therefore extremely effective in heating both the church fabric and the air within it.

The ribs are hollow and full of air and as such act like mini chimneys. This ribbed design allows cold air to be drawn from the floor and warmed as it passes through the top. This chimney effect’ helps to provide an optimal mixture of convected and radiant heat.

ChurchEcoMiser® energy efficient radiator ribs provide a very large surface area that is evenly heated. This heat is then radiated out into the church, offering good comfort levels which warm not only the congregation but also the fabric of the building.

Experience the ChurchEcoMiser Difference

When it comes to church heating, ChurchEcoMiser is your trusted partner. We offer efficient, protective, and sustainable solutions tailored to the unique needs of churches.

Join the growing number of churches nationwide that have chosen our systems and experience the benefits of our innovative heating system. 

To learn more about our church heating solutions or to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page or call our dedicated team at 01706 411189. Let us help you create a warm and sustainable environment within your church while preserving its historic beauty for generations.

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There are three main types of heated radiators commonly used in churches; electric, hot water and steam. Of these three it is generally true that electric radiators are the most energy-efficient and offer the best value for money.

Church radiators can be placed virtually anywhere in a church so long as they are not located directly behind the pews. Commonly our electric church radiators are placed towards the end of a pew.