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Swettenham St. Peters Church

The ChurchEcoMiser team completed a church heating installation project at St Peters church in Swettenham, Congleton, Cheshire.

St Peters Church is a grade two listed building in the Chester diocese.It is considered that a Norman church followed by a timber-framed church was on the site of the present church. This was encased in brick in 1720 and the timber framework was lost partly at this time and partly during later restorations. In 1846 a restoration was carried out by J. M. Derrick in Romanesque style and a Victorian restoration in 1865 was in the Gothic Revival style. Another restoration took place in 1926.

When I first visited the church we discussed several options for heating this classic building however the ChurchEcomiser system proved to be the correct solution. The church is heated to good levels of comfort and this has helped keep the building warm and damp-free.