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Woodford Halse St. Marys Church

The ChurchEcoMiser team completed a church heating installation project at St Marys Church in Woodford Halse.

The church has been at the heart of the village of Woodford Halse since the 12th century although the church was substantially rebuilt in the late 19th century. Evidence shows that in the Church Surveys of 1631-1637 the church was allowed to fall into disrepair. By 1871 the church was in need of complete restoration. On January 1878 work began on pulling down the old church. The new church built in the same style was finished on 28th October 1878. The new tower was built slightly larger than the old one with a new west window and doorway. The belfry windows and the battlements were the originals reinserted. 

When I first visited the church it was evident that the existing old hot water system was beyond repair, and with the help and advice of their architects, the church decided to instal a ChurchEcoMiser system. The system was installed quickly and was commissioned in time to serve the church well for the Christmas period. Unlike the old system, the new electric system gets the church up to temperature in around one hour, it also runs silently and gives good levels of comfort. It also benefits from needing virtually no maintenance, unlike the one it replaced!