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Church Heating Systems

We provide church heating systems for churches nationwide. Our unique system offers energy-efficient heating that heats & protects the fabric of the building.

Church Heating Specialists

At Church Ecomiser, our church heating systems are dedicated to helping churches save money and protect the environment. We offer innovative and low-cost church heating solutions for clients nationwide.

Our unique heating system offers a highly energy-efficient solution that heats and protects the fabric of the building and the space inside, keeping costs low and performance high to perfectly cater to the specialist requirements of a church environment.

Dedicated Heating Specialists

With over 40 years of experience as a church heating consultant, ChurchEcoMiser founder Chris Dunphy is highly renowned as the top heating specialist in the industry.

The ChurchEcoMiser system is a dedicated solution designed specifically for the unique requirements of churches, offering a real alternative to existing electric heating systems. Every design we produce is individual to each church we visit, and in some cases, installation costs are up to 50% less than those of a traditional hot water system. Other benefits include:

*A warmer, more pleasant environment for staff and visitors
*No costly maintenance or regular servicing is required
*Better for the environment – no fossil fuels
*Easy operation
*Warms and protects the fabric of the building as well as space inside
*Quiet radiators can be fully operational during a service or event

Church Heating Guides

Want to learn more about ChurchEcomiser? Our helpful guides explain more about the benefits of our church heating systems.

Electric Church Heating

Learn more about this energy-efficient heating solution, an alternative to other electric & fossil fuel systems.

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Our System

Discover more about how the ChurchEcoMiser system works to heat your church efficiently and save you money.

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Church Radiators

Find out about the radiators we use in churches and how they maximise heat output for a more efficient operation.

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Carbon Neutral Heating Systems

The beauty of ChurchEcomiser is its versatility and the option to achieve the best of both worlds. A church heating system that looks and feels in keeping with the fabric of the building without the need for expensive or difficult retrofits, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of modern green technology. 

A traditional look and feel: Our unique heating system mimics a ‘traditional’ radiator and pipework heating system in both style and appearance but without the need for a boiler. Instead, stylish, unobtrusive electric radiators are sited throughout the church to gently warm the fabric of the building, not just the air within it. The system is discreet and silent in operation, so it can be used through a service.

No flue = no danger:

  • There is no boiler, there is no additional expense caused by inlining an existing flue.
  • There is no need to damage exterior walls to accommodate a flue.
  • There is no danger of noxious gases escaping.

Annual boiler services and gas safety checks have become a thing of the past, and ongoing maintenance costs are minimal. Also, no water in the system means there is no risk of destructive water leaks from pipes or radiators.

A contemporary solution to electric heating: The ChurchEcoMiser system should not be confused with electric storage heating, mainly using convected warm air. The warm air quickly rises to the top of the building, leaving the lower part of the building still cold while doing nothing to help protect the fabric. Our innovative system provides warm, ambient air throughout the building for increased comfort and reduced wastage. 

Intelligent heating: The heat output from ChurchEcoMiser radiators is around 90% radiant heat and approximately 10% convected heat. Radiant heat will warm the fabric of the building, providing a more even, comfortable temperature, which will also help protect the church’s fabric, which is an essential factor when dealing with a listed building. Heating can also be switched on in zones to prevent wasting heat in unused areas of the building. 

Church Heating FAQ’s

Our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you may have on heating your church, please see our most asked questions below. If you would like to reach out with a question that isn’t covered, please email Chris Dunphy at chris@churchecomiser.co.uk.

What is the best way to heat a church?

Churches can be heated in many ways, including radiators, fan convectors and radiant church heating. Our church heating system is electric-based. Unlike traditional electric storage heaters, our ChurchEcoMiser system is designed to heal and protect the fabric of the building and the air inside it.

What does church heating cost?

The heating solution we offer is competitively priced compared with popular alternatives and will save you money over its lifetime. Our team will work with you to find a package that suits your requirements whilst remaining within your budget.

What are the benefits of electric church heaters?

Our system is designed to be energy efficient, significantly reducing fuel consumption and cost compared to traditional church heating systems. It also has a smaller environmental impact, which is great for churches that want to become greener.

What maintenance is involved for electric church heating?

Unlike gas and oil systems, you won’t need costly ongoing services, checks and maintenance with our church heating system. If you require a service or maintenance on your heating system, we’ll be happy to help.

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