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With over 40-years of experience in the church heating business, Chris Dunphy is the leading name in the church heating industry.

About Chris Dunphy and ChurchEcoMiser® Ltd

I started my own church heating business over 40 years ago, I was the Heating Advisor to the Sheffield Diocese for over 10-years and was Chairman of Rochdale Football Club until 2018.

Over the last 40 years, I have been personally involved in over 1200 church heating installations. My work has taken me from some of the most historically important buildings in the UK to more modern churches and all have their own place in the community. While each church is different they all have one thing in common and that is a need to heat the congregation.

When I first began my career, most heating systems relied on gas or oil as an energy source and any concerns for the environment were a long way off. As technology improved, boilers became more efficient, but they were still using the same energy source.

As our awareness of the environment has improved, today, when designing a new heating system, consideration to the environment is high on the agenda as we cannot continue to use fossil fuels at the rate we have been, hence the need to rethink fuel sources.

In 2016 I developed an all-electric heating system, the ChurchEcoMiser®. This system was designed to look and operate just like a traditional radiator system but without the need for a boiler or any water in the system. I originally thought that this system would be ideal for those churches that did not have access to gas or where the theft of oil may be a problem. What I did not anticipate was the huge groundswell of interest, for as more and more churches look to reduce their carbon footprint, they are turning to renewable electricity as an alternative and the ChurchEcoMiser® is the ideal solution.

At the point of use electricity is 100% efficient and if the energy is provided by a ‘green’ supplier then the system can be considered carbon neutral and it is compatible with solar panels.

So that I could devote more time to the development of this system in 2020 I took the decision to make ChurchEcoMiser® a stand alone company. It still has the same commitment to a quality installation that I have always upheld, while my comprehensive experience and knowledge in heating churches will allow you to make a confident decision when it comes to making your choice of system.

All surveys are free and I visit each church personally so if you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Chris Dunphy