At Last an Affordable Electric Heating System That Warms the Fabric of the Church

“Chris and his team are very professional and helpful. They carried out the installation efficiently with minimum mess and disruption and the finished systems looks very smart.”
– St Mary’s Episcopal Church Dunblane



  • Electric heating for churches.
  • Electric heaters are 100% fuel efficient.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Zero carbon footprint at point of use.
  • Intelligent optimizing controls.
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee.
  • Slim compact design.

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A Word from Christopher Dunphy


I started my business back in 1973 and made heating churches my priority decade later, since then my company have installed heating in over 900 churches throughout the UK.

As most of the buildings we deal with are either Victorian or medieval then the protection of the fabric is a key issue when selecting the type of system for a church. Now if you are in a central location and have access to mains gas then it is a relatively straight forward process however if you are a typical country church, used maybe only two or three times a month, and with only electricity as a fuel then the choices are much more restricted leaving you with either localised electrical appliances or oil fired heating or even liquefied petroleum gas (calor).

Oil as a fuel choice is not bad, but in a country church location is awkward because you always need to reorder fuel and it is vulnerable from attack and theft. Calor gas can give real problems for storage by the very location of the church and difficulties with the siting of a tank that can be both discreet and yet comply with all the relevant requirements.

Until now electrical solutions have tended to provide localised heat rather than tackle the problem of fabric protection. Time for a change.

These are just some of the reasons I decided to look at how we could produce a heating system that would run on electricity and yet provide the comfort levels of a boiler and radiator system at a fraction of the installation cost.

I have spent over two years developing this system and we now have examples installed that prove that this is a viable heating system and excellent way to heat your church.

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Christopher Dunphy

ChurchEcoMiser Q&A

What is ChurchEcoMiser?

ChurchEcoMiser is a new completely new and exciting approach to heating a church using electricity as a fuel source and we believe to be the first genuinely new type of system designed specifically for churches in a generation.


Why ChurchEcoMiser?

ChurchEcoMiser is designed to heat the fabric of the building which is vey important in Victorian and medieval churches. The system is very much akin to a conventional boiler and radiator system but without the boiler, allowing the church to be heated evenly and gently.


Where does it differ from other electric systems?

In the main other electric systems are confined to either localised forms of heat such as overhead radiant heaters that tend to give hot heads and cold feet, or under pew heaters which give heat to a small confined area, which is fine if you are only looking to heat that area. Whilst all may do a heating job they are not designed to warm the building fabric.


What does it look like?

The system consists of a number of radiators, usually wall mounted sited around the church similar to a typical domestic heating system, however there is no boiler and no interconnecting pipe work.


How does it work?

All the ChurchEcoMiser heaters have a clay core which retains heat after the power supply is removed.


Is it easy to use?

It couldn’t be simpler. All our heating systems are operated via our easy to use Churchwarden intelligent controller which has been continuously developed and proven over the last fifteen years.


Is it cheaper to install?

The ChurchEcoMiser system is considerably cheaper to install than say a comparable gas fired radiator system, usually about half the capital outlay, and compares favourable with other types of electric systems.


What are the benefits to my church?

Your church will benefit from a system that will heat and protect the fabric of your building and give you all the benefits of a boiler and radiator system at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to go to the expense of installing gas, or have the intrusion of an unsightly fuel storage tank or bottled gas supply.


What guarantee is there?

All systems are guaranteed parts and labour for two years


What maintenance is needed?

The whole system is maintenance free, simply fit and forget.